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- Support for large models

- 3D mouse

- Data extraction and processing

- Transient phenomena

- Grouping/Sorting

- MDI function

- Macro function

- Frequency response function

- Fluid-structure mapping

- Strain gauge

- FFT function (Fourier transform of bore deformation)



Basic Specifications
Analysis types Structural analysis, fluid analysis, impact analysis
Nastran, ABAQUS, ANSYS, ADVC, Marc, I-DEAS, LS-Dyna are supported by plug-in.
Elements Beam elements, first and second order triangle and quadrilateral plate elements, first and second order tetrahedral elements, hexahedral elements, pentagonal elements, gasket elements, etc.
Display Contour plot (color contour, line contour), isosurface display, vector plot, edge distribution (display of physical quantity along the edge), minimum/maximum, X-Y plot (time history, frequency, stress, deformation, strain), translucent, predefined color, arbitrary line distribution (extraction and display of the physical quantity at arbitrary points), list display, animation, data tracking, symmetrical model (1/2 symmetry, cyclic symmetry full model), simultaeneous display of multiple results, single mode or composite mode, views (front, side, top), reverse display
Operations Multi-scanning by 3D mouse, Picking (by element, node, box, polygon, circle, or arbitrary shape), Rotation, Zooming, Reversal of model, Translation, Measurements (of distance, angle, volume and centroid position), Clipping
Data processing Grouping, sorting, sampling, averaging, tensor transformation, component synthesis, function process
File export/Reporting vns (TVS-Post original format), AVI, CSV, PPT, etc.
Customization Based on request.

Hardware Requirements



  Minimum Recommended
OS - Windows2000 Professional SP4 or higher - WindowsXP Professional SP2 or higher
CPU - Pentium4 1.4GHz or higher


Memory -2GB or higher


-10GB or higher
(Depending on the size of the model and result data)


VGA - Resolution: 1024x768 or higher
- True Color(32bit)
- Resolution: 1024x768 or higher
- True Color(32bit)
- VRAM64MB or higher