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- Import module supporting various CAD formats

- Automatic clean-up function for CAD data errors

- Mesh quality/Automatic modification function

- Manual mesh clean-up

- Accurate representation of CAD geometry

- Robust assembly function

- Auto Mapped Mesh

- Local Remesh

- Creating an auxiliary line

- Extracting surfaces

- Grouping

- Extracting midplanes

- Maintaining the geometry

- 3D mouse

- Dramatic speed-up

- Add Rib Function



Basic Specifications
analysis types
Structural analysis, fluid analysis, crack propagation analysis, etc.
Pro-E, Catia V5 (VRML), I-DEAS (IDI), Parasolid, ACIS, STL, BDF, CoCreate OneSpace Modeling
* Assembled CAD geometry can be imported.
Elements First and second order triangle elements, quadrilateral plate elements, first and second order tetrahedral elements, hexahedral elements, pentagonal elements, gasket elements, RBE elements, Stress_MPC elements, ontact elements, bar elements, etc.
mesh generation
Triangle elements, quadrilateral plate elements, surface mesh, volume mesh.
assembly function
CAD geometry, FEM mesh geometry, automatic extraction of shared surface, assembly model creation.
Display 3D fast display using OpenGL, cross section display by the 3D mouse, etc.
Operations Multi-scanning by 3D mouse, Picking (by element, node, face, body, arbitrary point), Rotation, Zooming, Reversal of model, Translation, Measurements (of distance, angle, area)
Data processing Grouping, sorting
Solver output Nastran .bdf, ADVC, Abaqus .inp files, etc.
Geometry export vdb (TSV original format), bdf
Image output Copying to the Windows clipboard, saving in BMP, JPG, or PNG format

Hardware Requirements

Minimum Recommended
OS - Windows2000 Professional SP4 or higher
- WindowsXP Professional SP2 or higher
CPU - Pentium4 2.4GHz or higher <--
Memory - 1GB or higher - 2GB or higher
- Application: 400MB
- Model: 20GB or higher
(Depending on model size)
- Application: 400MB
- Model: 40GB or higher
(Depending on model size)
VGA - True Color(32bit)
- VRAM: 128MB or higher
- VGA card supporting OpenGL
- True Color(32bit)
- VRAM: 256MB or higher
- VGA card supporting OpenGL