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CAE Modeling Services

Upwind Technology provides accurate, ready-to-run models that will surpass your quality specifications while also meeting your necessary schedule requirements. Our experienced modelers use state-of-the-art CAE modeling software to generate solid and shell mesh. Our modeling experience includes:

  • Powertrain components (engine blocks, girdles, transmissions)

  • HVAC systems (ductwork, fans, heat exchangers)

  • Rotating machinery (Pumps, Blowers, stator assemblies)

  • Vehicle exterior components (Doors, Hoods)

  • Vehicle interior components (Seats)

  • Wheels

  • Full Vehicle Model

We use the following software packages:


CAE Modeling

CFD Services

Upwind Technology is a proven solution provider of Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD)  engineering services. Our experience extends to most of the leading commercial CFD software tools. These tools have been used to simulate a wide range of products applications and manufacturing processes. Our experience includes
Engine coolant jacket flow
Port flow & In-cylinder flow with transient/moving valves and piston
Intake/Exhaust flow
Water pump, turbo machinery flow & Hydraulic Flow
HVAC, cabin climate control
Heat exchanger, conjugate & radiation heat transfer
Exterior aerodynamics
Under hood & underbody flow

FEA Services

Upwind Technology Inc. provides Finite Element Modeling and Analysis services for  vehicular products and assemblies. Our expertise includes:
Engine head/block/piston thermal & stress analysis
Gasket contact/seal analysis
Elastomer non-linear analysis
HVAC modal analysis & frequency response and Stress analysis
Exhaust manifold thermal fatigue analysis
Heat treatment quenching analysis
Dynamic/Crash Analysis
Electronic packaging thermal stress analysis